Carved Wood Seals


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A family group of basking seals.

Father, mother and seal pup.

2 seal pups ‘cwtch up’ (snuggle) when placed together, very cute!

Each seal is unique having been individually hand craved and painted. Each varies slightly from another. The seals in these pictures are very typical of all the seals we have in stock. 

Produced under Fair Trade conditions in a small village in Indonesia famous for its centuries old tradition of wood carving. Environmentally friendly, using lead free paints and local replacable softwood.

Sold separately

Father Seal: 34cm L x 10cm W x 17cm H approx

Mother Seal: 34cm L x 10cm W x 17cm H approx

Seal Pup: 13cm L x 7cm W x 8cm H approx



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